Recipe: Fried oyster mushroom pork spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried oyster mushroom pork spring rolls



  1. Remove the mushrooms from the roots and wash them. When they are boiled, add salt and vegetable oil.

  2. Pork is mashed into mud, add pepper, soy sauce, chopped green onion, egg yolk, salt and mix well. Add scallop and shrimp skin and mix well.

  3. Mix 1 and 2 materials and mix well

  4. Spring rolls are thawed and spread out, stuffed with meat, brushed egg liquid, rolled up, all rolled up

  5. The oil pan is hot (I use half of the vegetable oil, half of the sesame oil, do not need to use a small pot of oil to go down with a large half of the bottle), and roll the spring rolls into the oil pan until the golden crispy pick up, put it on the plate. Now it is crispy.

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