Recipe: Fried oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried oyster mushroom


The best way to eat oyster mushrooms is to have wood! ! ! Although I know that fried Dongdong eats a lot, but this really can't resist the temptation to eat 吖~~~~ and also I will tell you, because of the incomparable fear of a large pot of oil, so I fried it with a small milk pot of hot milk →_→



  1. Wash the oyster mushrooms, tear them by hand, and squeeze them as much as possible.

  2. Add flour to the flour, add a little salt, and break into an egg to make a thin batter.

  3. Put oil in the pot, when the oil gets hot, when it is slightly smoked, dip the batter and start frying. Don't be too anxious, the surface will turn yellow and you can fish out because it will be fried later.

  4. After all the fried, re-oil and re-fried until the surface is golden, then the fish will be more crispy.

  5. With salt and pepper, open to eat ~~~hiahiahia~~


1. The batter does not need to be adjusted too thick, and the individual feels that the batter is too much to taste. 2. Don't be too anxious when you fry. 3. Re-oil and re-fried, so the taste will be more crisp.

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