Recipe: Fried onion with onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried onion with onion



  1. The black fungus is soaked in warm water for two hours, the root impurities are washed, the small flower is picked, and the water is drained.

  2. Onions are cut into large pieces at random (I am chaotically cut this time)

  3. After the oil is hot, put in the onion, stir-fry for a minute with the fire, stir fry the onion

  4. After entering the good black fungus, continue to stir fry for one minute.

  5. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce and chicken essence, stir fry for a while, then serve


Tips: If you add eggs or meat to the fried onions, you can treat the eggs or meat in advance, and add them to the pot before the last step. Three key points to create a distinctive onion taste: 1. The onions should be cut into large pieces. The medium-sized onion crosses a knife and then cuts two knives vertically. Don't worry that the onion is too big and not easy to ripen, because the block-shaped onions will naturally disperse into a petal during the stir-frying process; 2, after the onion is placed in the pot, in addition to oil, do not rush to add any seasoning. First, because the oil will fully lock the moisture inside the onion, the second is that after the fire is fired, the aroma of the onion will be fully integrated into the oil, and the flavor of the dish will be stronger and more sufficient; 3, the entire cooking process should be fired, so as to maintain the taste of the outer sweet and crisp juice.

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