Recipe: Fried onion with ginger

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried onion with ginger


This is a quick dish in the summer.



  1. Wash the scorpion and wash it.

  2. Scallions cut into sections, ginger shredded, oil burned to 60% heat, put onion ginger and fragrant.

  3. Pour in the scorpion, stir fry, add the rice wine, add the right amount of sugar, steam the fish oyster sauce, stir fry, cover the lid for one minute.

  4. Open the lid, if the saltiness is not enough, add the appropriate amount of salt. The scorpion itself has a salty taste, or you can add the pot.


The scorpion itself is salty, and salt is added during the process of spitting. The steamed fish oyster sauce also has a salty taste, so try not to put salt or put a small amount when frying. Add steamed fish oyster sauce to freshen but not like ordinary soy sauce.

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