Recipe: Fried onion bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried onion bitter gourd


I am a person who loves bitter gourd and loves onions, so I would love to eat bitter melon! ! !



  1. First cut the ginger, deal with the squid (specific Baidu, I am Ma Ma for me to deal with), bitter gourd onion half cut, with a squid root ~

  2. Open the hot pot and put the oil, then put the ginger and stir fry, pour in the fresh stir fry

  3. After frying for a while, pour the onion and stir fry ~ then pour the bitter gourd. The onion is fried to a bit transparent. The best micro-focus is the most delicious.

  4. Then if there is water in the pot, you don't need to add any more. If there is no water, put a little water to stir fry, add soy sauce and oil consumption, consume more oil, soy sauce is not too much, soy sauce is best to buy that kind of salty but fresh taste. Because the squid itself is a bit salty

  5. After they are all well, stir them evenly, cover the lid, and occasionally stir fry until slightly

  6. Then you can go to the pot! The bitterness of bitter gourd is combined with the saltiness of the squid and the sweetness of the onion. And the squid is still chewy, very fragrant and very delicious! !

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