Recipe: Fried old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried old tofu


Tofu is super invincible and delicious. I don't think anyone is against it! ! ! Fried tofu skin Jiaojiao crunchy, it is absolutely delicious! And the operation is simple!



  1. Cut the old tofu. Cut thin and thick, you can see your taste. I like to be thinner and more brittle.

  2. Then pour a little oil in the pot, not a lot. Then there is the fried tofu. Put the tofu one by one and pay attention to turning over. If the cut is thick, the four sides should also be fried. This fire is not too busy, I use small and medium fires.

  3. Then wait for all the tofu to be fried, then add some beef sauce to the pan, add a little water, add some salt, and cook again. Wait for the water to collect the juice, and then you can go out!


Use a small fire when frying tofu! If you don't want to cook the last step, put salt in the front oil!

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