Recipe: Fried okra with dried beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried okra with dried beans


Okra contains a kind of viscous liquid and arabinose, galactan, protein, calcium oxalate, etc. Regular consumption can help digestion, strengthen physical strength, protect the liver, and strengthen the stomach and intestines. Eliminating fatigue and quickly recovering strength has become the preferred vegetable for athletes in many countries in Africa. It is also a nutritious and healthy vegetable that is popular all over the world.



  1. Cut the beans into small pieces; peeled slices of garlic

  2. Okra to stalk, clean, chamfered into pieces

  3. Pour the water into the pot, boil it, add okra and bake for 2 minutes, remove the water and drain it with cold water.

  4. Heat the oil in the pot, stir the garlic slices and add the okra to stir fry

  5. Add the dried beans and stir-fry for 2 minutes, add a little water and season with salt.


1. Fresh okra is crispy and juicy, smooth and fragrant. It can be cold-mixed, hot-fried, stewed, etc. It is best to simmer for a few minutes in boiling water to remove the astringency before cooking and frying.

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