Recipe: Fried okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried okra


Legend has it that okra is a novel health-care vegetable. It is about 10 yuan per 500 grams when it was first introduced. This kind of plant originated in Africa, the meat is soft and lubricated, the flavor is fresh and unique, and the nutritional value is high.



  1. Wash the okra and change the knife slightly; the garlic cloves are chopped and cut into fine grains;

  2. From the oil pan, fragrant garlic, pour in okra and stir fry, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water, and add salt before the pot.


In order not to lose nutrients, the okra is best to cook the whole plant, or change the knife into a thicker section; because the attribute is cold and cold, you can add garlic, pepper and other accessories to balance; when buying okra, try to choose small plants. The thick, slender and short are not better than the ring finger, the color should be crisp and not dark green, and it is better not to buy if it does not meet the requirements! The oversized okra is basically close to the seeding stage, and the taste is very old and inedible.

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