Recipe: Fried octopus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried octopus


Deep-fried octopus is a very popular food. Since childhood, I have loved the fish that my mother fried. In memory, it is the best of the delicious. If you want to eat delicious fried octopus, there are two main points that must be in place, including the pickling of the octopus and the preparation of the fried paste. The recipe will be described in detail, and interested friends can refer to it~



  1. After the fish is cleaned, use the kitchen towel to dry the water on the surface of the fish and cut it into sections. The onion is cut into large pieces, sliced ​​with ginger, and put together with the fish. Add rice wine or cooking wine, salt, mix well with chopsticks, and marinate for more than 1 hour.

  2. Modulation of crispy paste: just remember the corresponding proportion. Whole egg liquid: Flour: Corn starch: Starch = 1:2: 1:1 If it is dry, add appropriate amount of water to prepare a paste.

  3. First burn the oil in the frypot to 160 degrees. Then pick out the onion ginger in the marinated octopus, and pour out the excess water (if any) from the pickling. Mix with a teaspoon of dry starch and squid first, then pour in the prepared crispy paste. Mix well and fry in a pan under the block. The frying time is almost 2-3 minutes. When it is fried to golden brown, remove it and sprinkle it with cumin powder.


The salt of the marinated octopus should not be too much. The more salt, the more serious the damage to the fish tissue and the worse the taste. So don't pursue a one-time saltiness in place. Only a small amount of salt is needed for pickling, so that the fish has a basic salty taste. If you don't have enough taste when eating, it is better to lick the sauce or sprinkle the salt directly. Deep-fried octopus, if the pursuit of crisp effect is obvious, it can be fried again after frying, the taste will be better. You can also add some salt to the fried paste to make the whole dish more flavorful. Friends who don't like the taste of scent can change other flavorings, but really want to say that "the cumin and the fish" tastes very good, very delicious~

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