Recipe: Fried noodles with chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried noodles with chicken


I miss the fried noodles in my hometown, and I remember the taste of childhood. I tried to do it myself. It was amazing when I entered the first place. This is the taste of my dreams!



  1. Handling noodles: The water in the pot is boiled, the rice noodles are hot until the ripening is eighty-nine, the cold water is picked up, the noodles are cooled, and the sesame oil or olive oil is mixed (so that the noodles are not easily broken)

  2. Prepare ingredients: chicken shredded, egg beaten, carrot cut filament, cabbage washed and drained with water, cut into thin filaments, green pepper cut filament, chives cut into circles

  3. Juice: salt, sugar (fresh, must be put), soy sauce, soy sauce (more than normal), vinegar, beef sauce, white sesame, stir well

  4. Stir-fry side dish: put the oil in the pot and boil, fry the chicken to the ripening of the seventy-eight, add the cabbage and carrots in turn, stir evenly and then cut to the side, pour the egg liquid on the other side, scramble the eggs (the fried noodles in this way) More fragrant! There is a pot of gas. After the egg is cooked, put the green pepper and stir fry.

  5. Fried noodles: add cool noodles, stir fry with chopsticks (the noodles can be kept as they are, keep on breaking), pour in the prepared sauce, stir fry for one minute, the noodles are wrapped in sauce, and finally sprinkle Green onion


Sugar must be put! Moderate! You can add a little water to the sauce.

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