Recipe: Fried noodles with black pepper sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried noodles with black pepper sauce


The story is not, that is, Saturday is in a bad mood, did not go out to buy food, the rest of the refrigerator, fried and fried



  1. Clear water, open point, edible salt, put in the pasta [the pasta is placed directly, let it slide slowly, it is said that this will be delicious] cooked, it will be spare, basically I will be cooked every time Two steps, the province is taking a plate with pasta [dishwashing is very troublesome]

  2. On the other side, put the oil into the hot pot and add the minced garlic and the onion to the fragrant. Put some water in the water. [Really a little water] Put in the black pepper juice, wait for the juice to boil a little boil and put in the pasta. Stir fry until it is sticky. I think this black pepper juice is not salty enough, add some Haitian fuel consumption]

  3. Ah, I almost forgot. In order to avoid washing the pot, I fry the poached egg directly in the second step of the hot pot.


There is no skill, that is, one should eat well, try to get a simple life. It’s not so easy, don’t treat yourself badly.

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