Recipe: Fried noodles (home version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried noodles (home version)


I liked my mother's noodles from a young age, and I didn't like any other fried noodles when I grew up. It was the old Beijing taste. The cold dishes that are usually served are cucumber silk and green bean sprouts. I like to add more vegetables. I like to add some vegetables. What kind of spinach is like it? I think that the delicious things are constantly improved with my own taste. I don’t have to stick to the original recipe. Compared with fixed ingredients. Of course, the fixed ratio has its truth. Some sauces have no formula to change the formula. For this noodle sauce, it must be garlic (cut into small pieces of garlic). Get rid of it! Be sure to put garlic! emphasize again! Even if you don't eat garlic, don't remove it. The moment that the garlic enters is the moment when the whole fried sauce is sublimated. It must be indispensable. This fried sauce is really simple and super-easy. It is super-convenient and unbeatable. It can be done at one time and then placed in the refrigerator for refrigerating. It can be used within a week. When lazy, cook it with noodles, or fried rice. Hey! If you can't solve it in too many weeks, you can put it in the frozen ones. When you want to eat it, you can take it at any time. --------------------------- Too many people ask questions, let me answer: 1. Do you want to release water? How much water do you put? If the sauce is too dry with dried yellow sauce, you need to adjust a little water in the sauce in advance, and mix well, so that the sauce will not be too dry, and the proportion of water is controlled by itself. 2. Is soy sauce equal to dry yellow sauce, etc. Not equal to yellow sauce, etc. is not equal to miso? Anyway, the unsweetened salty sauce made by the beans is right! It is soy sauce! It doesn't matter what it is called! 3. First fry the meat or stir the sauce first. First stir the meat. 4. Can you use other meats? Can you use the eggs? Can you use the eggplant? You can blow it up. 5. Which brand of sauce is good. June incense, Haitian, Liubiju, anyway, you Which brand can the supermarket buy? Which brand of home cooking is not convenient?



  1. Put the oil in the pot and heat it. Be sure not to lick the amount of oil, because the oil will be less in the process of frying the sauce, too little oil will stick to the pan, it will also affect the aroma of the sauce. If the oil is put too much before, after the pan is out, the oil will be on the top of the sauce because of the weight. At this time, it will be filtered out. Stir fry the meat when it is hot enough.

  2. When the meat is completely fried and mixed, add the sauce. The ratio of sweet noodles to soy sauce is one to three. That is to say, if two spoonfuls of sweet noodles are added, the soy sauce will be added with six spoonfuls. It must be two kinds of sauces. The single sauce can not bring the multi-layered taste of the fried sauce. This ratio can guarantee that the fried sauce is not sweet, but it is very fresh.

  3. The fire is slightly reduced to make the meat full of flavor. Do not add salt, the sauce has already had enough salt.

  4. When the meat sauce is almost the same, change the fire into the garlic that has been cut into pieces. Don't be lazy and shoot it directly into the garlic. Don't cut too small pieces. Of course, don't make it too big. Stir fry for two minutes and you can get out of the pot. At this time, the garlic is cooked, and the heat is not too big. Therefore, the garlic is also crispy and delicious when it is eaten!

  5. Cook the noodles, use the cold water after the surface is cooked, the taste will be more Q, and it is suitable for any noodles. Into the cucumber and fried sauce, look at the personal taste to decide the amount.



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