Recipe: Fried mutton with green garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried mutton with green garlic


Fresh and tender lamb leg stir-fry tastes very good, with green garlic or green onions, it is fragrant and tempting, with rice is really cool.



  1. Slice the leg of lamb, cut the ginger, add soy sauce, cumin powder, sugar and dry starch, mix well and seal the oil for 15 minutes;

  2. Green garlic to the roots and old leaves, cut into inches and separate the garlic and garlic leaves, the thicker garlic with a knife to shoot; hot pot cold oil under the mutton slices to stir up to change;

  3. Use the remaining oil in the pot (the oil should be slightly wider), stir fry the garlic, add the appropriate amount of salt and half a spoonful of soy sauce, stir well, then pour the mutton slices and garlic leaves and stir fry quickly. .


To do more of this vegetable oil, you can not only sauté the mutton slices to tenderness, but also stir-fry the green garlic to the fragrant and refreshing mouth; the garlic and garlic leaves can be kept fry to keep the maturity synchronized.

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