Recipe: Fried mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried mushrooms


I want to write a recipe and find that there are no good-looking pictures. After half a day, I have only half left. It’s neat. I used to eat fried mushrooms in the restaurant. I tried it yesterday. It’s delicious~ Write it down~



  1. Beat the eggs, add salt, pepper, mix well

  2. The mushrooms are torn to the right size, put in the egg mixture and stir well (each piece is stained with egg liquid)

  3. Start to sprinkle the starch on the mushrooms, and mix well. Add a small amount until the pieces are evenly coated with starch.

  4. After the oil in the pot is hot, pour in the mushrooms and fry until the yellowish looks dry and crisp.

  5. At this time, I will find that a little more mushroom is just a plate:)


When mixing egg liquid and starch, it is very convenient to stir with chopsticks. Ps, the fried mushroom I made, the green mushroom that I bought, the mushroom did not wash. Because it was done before, the water absorbed by the mushroom was very strong and it was not dry.

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