Recipe: Fried mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried mushrooms


The fried mushrooms tonight are very loud. As a little housewife who loves life and loves to share, I must share the practice in the first place. La la la la!



  1. Wash the oyster mushrooms and dry them twice with your hands until there is no water in the mushrooms. This step is very important, we must work hard and repeatedly.

  2. Add salt, allspice, soy sauce, add starch, add eggs, and stir the sizing with chopsticks.

  3. Note that if you feel too thin, you can add some starch until the paste sticks to the mushroom.

  4. Add a large amount of oil to the fire. After the oil temperature rises, there will be a little foaming on the bottom of the pan, just like the blistering of the Sprite Coke.

  5. When the small bubbles in the pot are up, put the mushrooms one by one and fry them one by one. When they are fried, they are still fried. After a while, turn them over and fry them until golden brown.


Many sisters said that this failed, I summed up a few tips 1, the mushrooms did not dry. Wash well and dry it repeatedly, and do it hard until there is no water drop. 2, mushroom sizing is less. Put an egg, put more starch, be sure to see the mushrooms are covered with starch, in addition, do not put flour, after the flour is put on, the mushroom is not crispy. 3, the fire of fried mushrooms is not right. Deep-fried mushrooms must be fried in large fires. When you see small bubbles in the pot, put the mushrooms in and fry them, and fry them until golden brown.

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