Recipe: Fried mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried mushrooms



  1. Fresh mushrooms are picked into small flowers, washed, and the water is boiled in the pot. After the water is opened, the fresh mushrooms are taken. After 1 minute, the fresh water is removed and the water in the fresh mushrooms is squeezed out and placed on a plate for later use.

  2. Eggs, water starch, flour, salt and water to make a paste, to be a little thicker, not too thin, not good paste.

  3. Pour the fresh mushrooms with water into the paste and stir until the fresh mushrooms are evenly spread.

  4. Pour the oil in the pot, a little more. Heat the oil pan and simmer the mushrooms. Boil until the shell hardens. The color changes a little and it is fished out. All the mushrooms are oiled in batches. Don't fry them.

  5. After the first time all the frying, the hot oil pan, the oil temperature is higher, ready for the second re-explosion, the re-expansion is to force out the excess oil inside, but also to consolidate the outer shell. Boil up the oil and fish out. Pour salt and pepper on the small dish and eat!

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