Recipe: Fried minced meat with minced meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried minced meat with minced meat


I have been eating sauerkraut since childhood, sauerkraut is delicious, sour and crispy appetizer, can increase appetite, is a very small dish. The snow dish made today is very common. The sauerkraut is similar to our sauerkraut in Guangxi, but the taste of the sauerkraut is slightly more salty. Sauerkraut has different versions in different places. Guangxi sauerkraut is made with mustard greens and tastes different from Sichuan kimchi and northeast sauerkraut. I remember that I like sauerkraut very much in the hour. I can barely touch the other sauerkraut. I can eat it with white rice. My mother said that I am really good at raising it:) Now it’s okay, now it’s not meat, it’s not happy! Last week, Xiaoguan took her hand-made sauerkraut for me to taste. It tasted very good and could be sold. I asked her how to know that the delicious sauerkraut was not difficult to do. When I have time, I have to try it, and I am healthy and healthy. Eat more meat, change the sauerkraut to adjust the taste is also very good.



  1. The snow vegetables are washed with water to remove salt, and the water is chopped; the pork is chopped; the oil is sautéed with garlic and pepper, and the meat is cooked in the minced meat, and the soy sauce is placed in a color. Then the snow vegetables are put in, and the cooking wine is added. Add the pepper sesame oil after frying

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