Recipe: Fried milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried milk


I don’t know what to buy in the market, or do it the most reliable!



  1. Mix the milk and white sugar with a small fire, stir the starch with water, add it to the milk little by little, add the egg white to the milk paste, stir quickly, and turn into a paste to turn off the fire.

  2. Introduce the milk paste into the rectangular container and put it in the refrigerator, waiting for it to solidify. It is best to get it one day in advance~

  3. Make crispy pulp, flour, starch and water to make a paste according to 5:1; 4, add 2 grams of salt, salad oil, and place for 15 minutes.

  4. Remove the milk paste, cut into strips, knead the starch, and then crispy the skin.

  5. Under the oil pan, fry until golden brown, you can re-explode once in a small fire, it will be more out of focus.

  6. Set the plate ~ out of the pot~


You can add butter or cheese powder when making milk paste. If it doesn't matter, just do it according to the above. Then the milk paste is not frozen. ! Come on, everyone~

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