Recipe: Fried milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried milk



  1. Egg yolk egg white separation, stand by

  2. Egg white + starch + milk + milk powder, stir evenly, stir to a sticky paste over medium heat

  3. Put it into the mold, freeze it, solidify it into a milk cake, cut into pieces

  4. Egg yolk + spontaneous powder into a paste, hang the milk cake

  5. Boil until golden


When the first attempt was made, the coagulation failed. The milk cake was made into a fresh milk stew egg. The second time, the ratio of starch, milk powder and egg white was increased. When heated and stirred, it was obviously thick and sticky, and it solidified successfully. Ps: Egg yolk should not be wasted, instead of water, add spontaneous powder to make pulp, the color is better

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