Recipe: Fried meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried meatballs


I didn't hang it before, but one day it suddenly happened. I didn't make meatballs before, but one day I suddenly met... Although it is not quite round, I am very satisfied! The whole process is also very enjoyable, like the feeling of keeping the oil pan fried things =3=



  1. The minced meat is placed in a large pot. I bought the supermarket this time.

  2. The mustard is dripped several times in water, cut into pieces, and the shallots are cut into pieces and poured into pots;

  3. Add flour, pepper powder, oyster sauce, and eggs, then add salt according to the amount, add a little sugar to taste;

  4. Stir the minced meat until it is strong, and place it a little;

  5. Heat a pot of oil, a small fire, squeeze the minced meat into a meatball with a tiger's mouth, and fry until golden.


1. Adding mustard is mainly to make the taste more layered, and it is suitable for greasy. The water is so that the taste of the mustard has not covered the original aroma of pork. It can also play the same role with horseshoes, lotus roots and the like. ; 2, the fire must not be large, otherwise it will be out of focus, and it is still not cooked.

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