Recipe: Fried meat dish for lunch

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried meat dish for lunch


There are only baby dishes and half a luncheon at home. I haven't found the practice for a long time. . So homemade. . Simple and practical. The most important thing is that the taste can still be dripped~ Record the practice of the dish here. For everyone to share. I also recorded the growth in the kitchen for myself~



  1. The baby dish is washed and shredded, and the lunch meat is diced. Prepare garlic slices

  2. Pour the oil in the pan and let the garlic flakes after the oil is hot.

  3. Add cabbage, stir until 7 is ripe, add appropriate amount of vinegar according to personal washing.

  4. Add the luncheon meat and stir fry evenly.

  5. Add the right amount of salt.

  6. Stir fry evenly and you can smash it~

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