Recipe: Fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried meat



  1. The mung bean starch and water are mixed in a ratio of 1:4, a small amount of salt is added, and the mixture is stirred into a very thin starch slurry. The professional uses a large spin, I did not use a flat iron plate ~~~

  2. Add water to the pot and boil, then turn to a small fire, keep the water in the pot slightly open during the whole process of pulling the skin, and the degree of small bubbles is good.

  3. In the iron pan, brush a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking, then fill in the appropriate amount of starch solution, turn it to make the starch in the pan evenly spread, then sit on the water surface of the pot, my plate is light and floats directly on the water.

  4. When the starch slurry heats up, it will condense into a white solid. Pour a small spoonful of water into the dish. The skin will gradually turn from white to transparent. Wait a moment, wait until the skin is ripe, and drain the excess water. Pour out and take the plate out and put it into cold water. The skin in the plate automatically slides down when it encounters cold water.

  5. Repeat in turn, then make the next pull, then flatten the cool stretches

  6. Lapi cut into strips and placed on a large plate

  7. Cut the tenderloin into silk, mix with egg white and a small amount of starch, mix with hot oil, add onion ginger, add a small amount of raw seasoning

  8. Eggs are spread into egg skin, shredded, cucumber and carrot shredded, placed on top of the peel

  9. Add a small amount of water to the sauce and mix thoroughly. Add salt, sugar, vinegar, chicken powder, etc.

  10. Pour hot oil into a bowl and fry the pepper into chili oil~~~~ (there are chili powder, sesame seeds, pepper, aniseed, salt, etc.)

  11. Finally, pour the freshly fried pork on the peel and pour the prepared sauce and chili oil.

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