Recipe: Fried mashed potatoes with balsamic vinegar

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried mashed potatoes with balsamic vinegar


If you must give a name, it is called Jin Zhu.



  1. Peel the potatoes, cut small pieces, boil until soft

  2. Pressed into a mud with a fork, the moisture in the mashed potatoes is kept slightly

  3. Seasoning with mashed potatoes with black pepper and salt

  4. Fresh scallops

  5. Make mashed potatoes into a long cylinder

  6. Put olive oil and butter in the pan, then put the fresh shell, potato pillar

  7. In the pot, you can use a shovel to change the potato column to a small cylinder of the same size as the fresh shell, or a block.

  8. Fry until the fresh shell is browned, the potatoes are almost the same, turn over, pour a little rum, cover the lid, evaporate, and plate

  9. Garnished with vanilla leaves, point balsamic vinegar


1, inside the pan, fresh shellfish and potatoes are fried separately, but the heat must be mastered. 2. There is no balsamic vinegar, and it is ok to use vinegar and sesame oil and soy sauce to prepare your own version.

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