Recipe: Fried Malan Head

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Malan Head


Malan head's cold and heat resistance is very strong. The lighting requirements are not strict. It can be safely wintered in winter. When the temperature is 10~15°C. The young stems of the young leaves begin to grow rapidly, that is, from March to April each year. Among the many wild vegetables, they are loved because of their rich nutrition and therapeutic effects!



  1. Put a few drops of oil in the water and boil it. Put it in the Malan head and boil it again.

  2. Add the right amount of olive oil to the hot water and add the water to the head of the Malan. Add two tablespoons of sugar and the right amount of salt.

  3. Add some sesame oil and sprinkle with a little fried garlic.

  4. Put a small amount of olive oil in the hot pot and pour it into the Malan head.

  5. Add the appropriate salt and sugar to the pot.

  6. Drip some sesame oil and finally sprinkle with a little fried garlic.


This dish is going to be hot and hot. When you fry Malan's head, you need to put more oil and sugar. Because wild vegetables are not too oily, but we can't eat more oil now, so use olive oil! So why do you want to put more sugar? Malan’s head tastes bitter and numb. If you want to get rid of this feeling, you need to put a little more sugar. And when the Malan head finally comes out, it must be dripped with some sesame oil!

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