Recipe: Fried liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried liver


Beijing snack fried liver family version.



  1. Treat the fat sausage cleanly, put it into the pot, add wine, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, cumin, onion, ginger, cook for 30 minutes, remove and let cool, cut into small pieces; (fat method is here: sharp pepper fried Fat intestine)

  2. Cut the liver of the pig liver, rinse it repeatedly with water until it is free of blood. Put it in the pot of the boiled intestine and cook it out. (The method of treating pig liver is here: pepper and carrot fried pork liver)

  3. Pour boiling water into the pot, put in the fat section, fried liver slices

  4. A small bowl of dry starch and a little water to stir into a paste, add soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken seasoning (can add a little dry yellow sauce to adjust the juice), pour into the pot, tune into a paste, more than Some garlic can be baked


1. Foreigners who have not eaten Beijing fried liver are generally difficult to understand what is the liver. The so-called fried liver is not fried, but cooked, and in addition to the liver, there are fat sausages, and the fat intestines are generally more than the liver. some. However, I feel that the starch is finally put on, because it is thicker, it has to be stirred constantly, and it still feels like "fried"; 2, here is the introduction of the family-friendly approach, the more professional approach is generally to use the original soup to filter impurities to cook, do their own home or like to make it clean, and open the boiled, you can also add a little mushroom soup to cook, no Not letting go; 3, pig liver can also be cooked and cut into thin slices, I think so soaked is not clean, and waste time, or cut the slices and cook again; 4, the fried liver sold outside can not be so much material, my bowl is enough to do the outside 10 bowls, or the outside is a big loss. This thing is too high in cholesterol, it is best not to eat too much.

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