Recipe: Fried lentils

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried lentils


Stir fry lentils and keep the green color is the father's unique life, do not put soy sauce, only add some garlic to add aroma, taste fresh, refreshing, very delicious. The first time I tried to do it myself, I was always afraid of being unfamiliar. The legendary bean poisoning was really noisy, so I could only break the image, and the green color turned yellow and green. Surely cooked, the taste is sweet, after eating is not poisoned, you can write recipes to share with you!



  1. The lentils are washed and smashed into pieces. The garlic is broken and the garlic is chopped.

  2. Pour the cooking oil into the hot pot and keep the medium fire. Stir in lentils, stir fry until the lentils start to change color, put salt, as the case, point the pot of boiling water, keep the pot dry.

  3. Stir fry until the beans are soft, the color changes from dark green to yellowish green, add the minced garlic and saute.


1) Do not cover the lid during the whole process of frying, only white water can be kept dry; 2) you can eat a little MSG before seasoning; 3) If you like pepper, you can put a few peppers in the pot. Fragrant.

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