Recipe: Fried leek duck egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried leek duck egg


Many people are used to scrambled eggs with leeks, but in fact, if the leeks are fried with duck eggs, the taste is more fragrant. I also learned from the first phase of the food show, do not believe you try!



  1. Wash the leek, drain it, cut into 2 cm long sections

  2. Knock the egg into the bowl, add a pinch of salt and cooking wine, and beat the egg mixture evenly

  3. Pour the edible vegetable oil into the pot (do not use animal oil, not only high in cholesterol, but also very greasy when the dish is cold). When the oil is hot enough to appear to be blue smoke, and you can smell the oil, pour the egg liquid quickly.

  4. After the duck eggs are put into the pot, they should be quickly stirred by the shovel, so that the liquid wrapped in the formed egg pieces will continuously flow out, so that all the egg pieces absorb the foot oil.

  5. When there is no oil in the pot, the duck egg has already been metamorphosed. Use a shovel to smash the duck egg into small pieces as much as possible. Mix a few times and stir for a few more times. Repeat the rounds until the duck egg becomes a piece of 2-3CM. Disk

  6. Heat the wok on the fire, add the leek, stir fry until it is ripe.

  7. Mix the fried duck eggs well and season with salt.


1. Pay attention to the amaranth, you must use the fire to quickly stir fry; and the leek should not be fried for too long, so as not to affect the color and taste. 2, Amaranth is a lily family plant, with stomach, refreshing, antiperspirant and solid phlegm, kidney and yang, solid essence and other effects, it is a vegetable with high nutritional value. 3, the leek should choose small narrow leaves, it is best to have a pair of petite Linglong Lin sister, such a leek usually grows in the open air. When you smell it, you know that such amaranth is very rich. 4. Some people say that the fried duck eggs have astringent taste. In fact, only the frying pan of the duck egg is high enough, the fried duck egg will not have astringency, only aroma.

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