Recipe: Fried lamb chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried lamb chops



  1. After washing the lamb chops, soak them in cold water for 3 hours and change the water 3 times in the middle.

  2. The lamb chops can be cut off in advance so that it is more convenient to handle it yourself.

  3. Cut to the size you want and remove the unwanted places

  4. Drain the sheep into the stockpot, add cold water, green onion and ginger

  5. After the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam, change to a small fire, and slowly stew.

  6. About 2 hours, you can add salt or not in the middle, stewed lamb chops take out water control

  7. Frying pan, pouring oil, burning

  8. Put in the cooked lamb chops, simmer on low heat

  9. Can fry garlic and carrot at the same time

  10. Both sides are fried into golden yellow

  11. Sprinkle with chili noodles, cumin powder, cumin, salt

  12. Peppers and cumin can be repeated several times to make a plate


Seasonings can be added to your liking.

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