Recipe: Fried lamb

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried lamb


Stir-fried lamb is a special dish in old Beijing. There is actually no barbecue in the cooking process. It is a cooking method that instantly fry the mutton slices with a hot iron pan. Although it is not a barbecue, it is like a barbecue. And can keep the fresh and tender of the lamb to the utmost.



  1. When the lamb leg meat is frozen to a little hard, remove the slice and cut it as thin as possible. Of course, you can also use the hot pot lamb slices instead, but the taste will be slightly biased. Wash the onion and wash the old skin, cut the garlic, slice the garlic, cut the ginger, and cut the parsley for later use.

  2. Add the salt, sugar, soy sauce, cumin powder, ginger, and starch to the sliced ​​mutton slices. Mix well and add some salad oil and marinate for 20 minutes. Note that this dish needs to shorten the time of frying as much as possible to prevent the mutton from getting old, so the marinated lamb slices need to be seasoned until the taste is sufficient, so that when frying, there is no need to do too much seasoning and shorten the cooking time.

  3. Heat the wok and add a little salad oil. Stir the onion and add a little salt to taste. Add some salad oil to the pot, heat the pot and oil, and add the marinated lamb slices and garlic slices. Stir-fried until the meat flakes turn white and curl. Add fried onions and parsley and stir fry. You can take out the pan and plate.


Stir-fried mutton is the most boiled, and all ingredients must be the freshest when they are just ripe.

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