Recipe: Fried jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried jelly



  1. The jelly is cut into small cubes; the garlic and garlic are washed and chopped; the dried chili is shredded.

  2. Put the right amount of oil in the pot, stir-fry the fragrant chilli and garlic and add the cold powder (you can also add the bean paste to the flavor according to your taste), gently stir fry until the edge of the jelly cube is rounded (when flipping, be sure to light)

  3. Then transfer the seafood soy sauce, thirteen incense, pepper powder, salt (I like to put some pepper powder, if you think the thirteen incense is enough, or adjust according to your own taste, like to eat spicy can put Some chili powder or oil-splashing pepper), stir-fry until the taste is added, add the garlic chopped and stir-fry evenly to the pan (put some bean sprouts or leeks is also delicious)

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