Recipe: Fried instant noodles (night noodles)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried instant noodles (night noodles)


I was too hungry at night to see it and eat it, stir-fry in instant noodles, and add a variety of vegetables. It feels more delicious than soup noodles.



  1. First boil the instant noodles in the water, then pour off the water, rinse with cold water, and put it in reserve. This step is to wash off the preservatives in the instant noodles. Well, I feel comfortable in my heart, after all, instant noodles This nutritious thing is still less eaten.

  2. Pour a little oil into the pan, stir fry the eggs first, then add the chopped mushrooms. Ham, carrots, onions, stir-fry until eight-boiled, and finally add the egg. Instant noodles with a small fire. If you want to season, add some soy sauce. Finally out of the pot.

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