Recipe: Fried instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried instant noodles


Lazy people can make super delicious instant noodles at home, and use the leftovers at home.



  1. The instant noodles are cooked until they are cooked until 9 minutes, the sausage is cut into 4 cm sections, the lettuce is torn into pieces, and the cucumber is shredded.

  2. Add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sugar, oil consumption, and instant noodle seasoning package and vegetable bag left in the bowl. Add a little noodle soup and mix well.

  3. Heat the oil in the pan, first fry the lettuce and cucumber until it is broken. Then simmer in the ham and stir fry.

  4. Stir fry until it is cooked. Pour the cooked instant noodles and the well-prepared sauce into the pan and fry them evenly.


1. You can add fried pepper oil or vinegar when you eat. 2, the sauce is prepared according to personal taste, and you need to put a spoonful of fuel. 3. It doesn't matter if the vegetables can be put more. 4, instant noodles seasoning package if you are afraid of too salty can only put half, vegetable bags should add a little blisters in advance, the inside of the dehydrated vegetables and meat particles soft, the picture of the beef grain is the vegetable bag, as for the sauce package can only Abandon it.

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