Recipe: Fried instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried instant noodles


Are you tired of instant noodles? Don't soak up the next time you eat instant noodles, put some cabbage, carrots, and onions to fry. The fried noodles with vegetables will naturally reveal the natural taste of the vegetables, and the onions will eliminate the oily taste in the noodles, so that the noodles fully absorb the natural fresh taste of the vegetables.



  1. Wash cabbage, carrots and onions and cut into silk, onion ginger and minced

  2. Make a small amount of oil in the pan, sautéed minced garlic and onion

  3. Put carrots and stir fry for a while

  4. Put the cabbage and stir fry

  5. Add instant noodles and a glass of water to boil

  6. Put in the seasoning powder. You can add some vinegar and soy sauce according to your taste.

  7. Stir the excess water and add the chopped green onion

  8. After turning off the fire, add a few drops of sesame oil to the pot.

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