Recipe: Fried ham with fried vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ham with fried vegetables


When I was a child, I liked the most delicious food, and I simply went to dinner. . .



  1. Cut the mustard and wash it with water several times. Sliced ​​ham sausage.

  2. Put the oil in the pot, add the chopped green onion and the spiced powder to the sassy when it is ripe, and put it into the ham for two minutes.

  3. Put the intestines on the side of the pot, pour the mustard, stir fry the mustard slightly white, stir the intestines together, and serve.


1. Mustard must be washed several times, or not salty, I washed it 5 times. . 2. If the ham is like hard, just fry for a while.

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