Recipe: Fried ham

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ham


Warm memories when I was a child~ I only had a little pocket money when I was young. After school, the aunt at the school gate pushed a tricycle to support a pan. 咕噜咕噜 fried with fragrant ham sausage Please be sure to pay attention to safety. Please cover the face with the lid and cover it with a lid when you pick it up. Don't be so sad, I am so angry that I am going to the hospital to see the emergency. The eyes could not be opened for a moment when the oil exploded, and a person was scared to cry at home. Fortunately, there is the first time to rinse with water, wet towel and eyes. The doctor said that such an emergency treatment is correct. Hereby remind the small partners to pay attention to safety! ! !



  1. The peeled ham is skewed with a bamboo stick and is cut into a fish scale shape on the 3 sides of the ham with a knife.

  2. Put more oil in the oil pan, the oil is hot and turn to small fire.

  3. Deep-fried ham

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