Recipe: Fried green shrimp with dried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried green shrimp with dried shrimp


The dried shrimps are caught in the creeks of the country. The small shrimps are red and scented. They are very fragrant, very clean and green, without adding any additives or pigments. Can be bought here: This shrimp is small, we are also called glutinous rice shrimp here, although small, but all meat, very fragrant and very fragrant.



  1. Preparing ingredients

  2. Wash the dried shrimps with water first.

  3. Follow the pot and steam for 15 minutes.

  4. Then cut the small onions and green peppers into small pieces.

  5. Put a little cooking oil in the pot and put the shallots into the musk.

  6. Then add the green pepper and stir-fry.

  7. Then put the steamed shrimps together and fry them together.

  8. Then put the ginger into the stir fry.

  9. Follow the small diced green onion.

  10. Stir fire evenly, you can


It is best to use a small amount of water before cooking, so that it has a little water, and it will not be too dry to eat.

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