Recipe: Fried green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried green pepper


The squid suddenly became cheap and scary. Bought one after another The taste of the festival Daddy's taste 咔咔



  1. Cut the squid, (cut from the lower right corner to the upper oblique strip, then cut from the lower left corner, it will appear lattice-shaped). If it is not, cut it into small pieces and change it into a grid shape;

  2. In the big fire, the squid is placed in the pot after the hot pot.

  3. The squid naturally rolls up and then drinks the wine and salt.

  4. Hot pot, stir-fry under green pepper

  5. Add the fried squid, stir fry and add the right amount of water.

  6. Green pepper can be broken~


Green pepper should not be fired It’s not good to be old.

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