Recipe: Fried green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried green pepper



  1. Wash the green peppers and clean them. Cut them into two sections and clean the seeds in the green peppers. The tip of the tail can be cut open, because the seeds are less, the upper section is cut open, the seeds are dug, and the water is rinsed clean.

  2. Wash the parsley and cut it.

  3. The pork is sliced ​​first and then chopped. Put salt, oil, sugar, soy sauce, starch, stir well with chopsticks, stir for a while in the same direction until the filling starts

  4. Stir the stuffing into the green pepper

  5. After filling all the ingredients, heat the pan, pour the appropriate amount of oil, turn the oil into a small fire, add the green pepper and slowly fry, pay attention to the fire, the fire is easy to paste the bottom, you can shake the pot at intervals, so So easy to get stuck

  6. After a while, the surface of the green pepper is discolored, sprinkle some water, cover the lid for a while, the water is almost dry, look at the bottom, if it is almost fried, turn the other side and continue to fry. The other side operates the same.

  7. After frying the green pepper, drain the oil and put it on the plate. If the remaining oil is not enough, you can add some amount, but you don't need to add it. Heat again, put soy sauce, vinegar, a small amount of water, boil and simmer, try the taste, then add sugar, if it is not salty, add some salt.

  8. After adjusting the taste, put the coriander, the pre-opened water starch into it, boil it and turn off the fire. Pour the juice on the green pepper, you can


1, can eat fat, you can buy half fat pork, so the stuffing is not so dry, like I do not eat fat, you can only buy all thin, and then pour more oil when seasoning. 2, stuffing can add lotus root or horseshoe and the like 3, green pepper cut into two sections for good frying, skill can not cut. 4, when cooking juice, you don't need to open a big fire, so you won't be in a hurry when you put the material, you can also adjust the juice in advance, so that the hot oil is poured into the boil. 5, sugar to taste a little bit after the addition, do not add it all at once 6, juice put soy sauce, try enough salty and then add salt, so as not to be salty

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