Recipe: Fried green bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried green bean sprouts


Rich in vitamin C is sold in mung bean sprouts. Moreover, it also removes the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the blood vessel wall and prevents cardiovascular disease. Mung bean sprouts contain riboflavin, which is suitable for people with oral ulcers.



  1. Wash the bean sprouts and drain

  2. Washed with onion, ginger and garlic, onion minced, ginger shredded, garlic sliced, spare

  3. Pour a little oil in the pan, add the onion ginger garlic and dried chili when the oil temperature rises to about 50%, add the green bean sprouts after the scent

  4. Evenly stir the green bean sprouts, soften and become transparent, add appropriate amount of salt, sugar, add some vinegar to remove the smell of bean sprouts

  5. Continue to stir fry for a while to pan


1, cooking green bean sprouts can not add alkali, because alkali can destroy the vitamins, carotene and other nutrients in the green bean sprouts. 2, do not need to remove the mung bean skin. Mung bean skin Chinese medicine is called green bean clothing, which has stronger heat-clearing and detoxifying effect than mung bean. 3, bean sprouts cold, with ginger and fried can slightly calm the cold.

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