Recipe: Fried grass mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried grass mushroom


Fresh Cordyceps mushroom in the supermarket, the color is orange, bright and want to buy a box to taste, come home, Mr. Sun said fried! Therefore, according to what you like, you can adjust the beef flavor.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cordyceps mushroom is cleaned, washed, drained

    Cordyceps mushroom is cleaned, washed, drained

  2. Egg whites separated, only egg whites

  3. Put all the ingredients together with the egg whites into the Cordyceps, bring the gloves, and grab the

  4. Sprinkle with dry starch and mix well

  5. When the oil is turned into a pan and the temperature of the oil is 60% hot, use a chopstick to clip a large chopped Cordyceps mushroom into the pan, and break up and break up! (Remember that the oil must not be too hot. If it is too hot, it will be shaped and turned into a cake!) After breaking up, you can go out with the foam.

  6. Dangdang! Let's eat!


The main thing is that the oil can't be too hot, too hot will become a cake, too cold to hang up!

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