Recipe: Fried golden glutinous rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried golden glutinous rice



  1. The golden scorpion is rinsed with clean water, soaked in light salt water for about half a day, and steamed for five minutes in order to remove the water from the body.

  2. Control the water to dry, ginger shredded, put the oil in the pot, put more, the oil can stir the taste inside the crispy, after the hot oil, put the ginger silk to scent

  3. Put in a golden sizzling fire and stir fry quickly to avoid mashing, add a little salt, and continue to stir fry until the surface is browned

  4. Finally, sprinkle with cumin powder, like to taste more, you can sprinkle some


Don't put it directly into the bag, you can't put it directly in the refrigerator, it will be deformed, and it is not easy to save. By using the method of preserving prawns and fresh fish, put the golden carp into the mineral water bottle, fill it with water, and store it best. . When you want to eat, take out the bottle and pour it out.

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