Recipe: Fried glutinous rice ~~ can drink whitening drink

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried glutinous rice ~~ can drink whitening drink


My "little granddaughter", she is half a Korean. When we went to Mandarin Chinese, she was drinking water every day. I asked what to drink, she said to go edema, whitening. I wanted to drink at that time. Because I have cleanliness, I have been tolerating it until now. Later, I checked it on the Internet and found that Huanren is so useful: Huanren is a traditional skin-beautifying skin food, which has the effect of moisturizing water, spleen and lung, clearing heat and draining pus. Everyone knows how to whiten, but what is it to get wet? There are a lot of fat people, they are all wet and physique. If you get wet, you can get out of the body's moisture, which is also helpful for slimming. However, cooking the coix seed is really troublesome and there is no time to cook it. . It doesn't matter, let me teach you: stir-fry, you can soak. Whitening anytime, anywhere, to get wet. ****** In this special reminder to friends, if the body is cold or there is fire in the body, don't drink it. The coix seed is slightly cold and dehumidified, so it is not suitable for the little friends who have a cold body and have fire in the body. ****** Do not drink during menstruation. I just saw Lin Zhiling’s sister’s maintenance tips on the Internet. Lin Zhiling said: “Besides serious cleaning and moisturizing, it is drinking water. Drinking water is really important. I used to study abroad, and many girls are drinking ice water or freezing directly. Drink, I also followed, but soon I found it bad. Girls want good health, good skin, or try to drink warm water, at least 8 cups a day. I will also drink some raw water. For example, red dates, medlar, and scutellaria, spring and autumn are very moist. In the summer, cook some * glutinous rice water * to drink. Drink more glutinous rice water, whitening to edema, and can make you not dry. Our Chinese health is still very effective. "What everyone is concerned about: red bean glutinous rice porridge:



  1. First of all, choose a better barley, clean it, put it in the sun to dry, completely dry, can not bring water, or it will paste.

  2. Then prepare a clean, water-free, oil-free pot and preheat it with a small heat.

  3. Put in the coix seed, stir fry in medium and small fire. Don't stop, at first, you will feel that the glutinous rice will become a little damp and heavy. This is the moisture of glutinous rice is evaporating, it can be fried all the time, stir fry until it starts to change color, and when it screams, there is no damp feeling, no sticky feeling, small fire, and then fry until the color becomes yellowish. You can bite a taste and taste it.

  4. Pour in a clean, oil-free. Waterless bowls, large pots, and big ones can do anything. Wait for the barley to cool, then fill the can.


1, I did not write the time and quantity, because there is no way to achieve uniformity, gas, natural gas, induction cooker, and other stoves are different, we have to fire differently, including, dry rice and humidity are different, my own Stir the same amount, the same fire, sometimes the time is different, such as the same glutinous rice, after cleaning and drying, the first day of cooking time is long, the next day the cooking time is short, because the next day its water evaporated again A lot, time needs less, so I can only describe it to everyone, and to what extent, please understand. 2, do not dry in the pot, my mom had a fried soybeans when it was put in the pot did not come out, the result, fried soy beans completely paste. 3, soaking water: brew with 100 degrees of boiling water, cover the lid for about 15 minutes, the glutinous rice will bloom, such glutinous rice is more delicious. Or use hot water to soak, the color of the water is white, but it is OK, but the glutinous rice is a bit hard, there is no boiled water and delicious. 4. You can also use the bubble method in the introduction to learn the talents, carelessness, laziness, recipes. Please understand if there are any defects in the middle. Sincerely, salute!

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