Recipe: Fried ginkgo

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ginkgo



  1. Cut the pork belly, slice the carrot and cucumber, cut into the pepper and green onion, and beat the egg into the bowl.

  2. First fry the eggs in a bowl and put them in the bowl. Put the pork in the pan and squeeze the oil. Add the pepper to the pepper. Stir fry and add the carrots and cucumbers. Add a little water and fry until the ripening is added. Just fry it, and finally add the onion to serve it.


If you don't eat spicy, you can't put it on the pepper, you can put it more fragrant, you can also mix it with other vegetables. You can buy it in the refrigerator and keep it cold. It's a bit hard. It's better when it's not too soft. Ginkgo is cooked at once, and the first time it is fried, it will become sticky and affect the taste.

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