Recipe: Fried ginger crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ginger crab



  1. The crab is cleaned, the tail is removed and the crab is removed, brushed clean with a brush, cut from the middle of the crab belly, and then cut into 6 pieces; the crab claws are slightly broken with the knife back; ginger shredded, onion cut, garlic slice

  2. Take appropriate amount of raw powder into the dish, evenly smear the diced crab on both sides (to make the crab meat tender and lock the crab meat), the pliers and shell do not need to be powdered; after putting more oil in the pot to heat, first Put the ginger and garlic slices slightly musk, then put all the crab pieces together in the pot.

  3. When the fire is stir-fried until the color turns red, add more rice wine, moderate amount of sugar, beautiful fresh soy sauce (depending on your taste, decide whether you need to add a little salt, because the soy sauce itself already contains salt) stir fry, you can add A little water makes the ingredients moist, sprinkle with shallots before the pan and then stir fry twice.

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