Recipe: Fried ginger chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ginger chicken



  1. Chicken legs are small, take salt, soy sauce, raw powder and evenly ~ (to ensure that the chicken is tender and delicious)

  2. Ginger slices (multiple points), green peppers cut into small pieces ~

  3. Under the hot oil, the ginger is sautéed with the scent and then the chicken is sizzled in the fire.

  4. When the chicken nuggets are golden yellow, the ginger slices are curled up and the green pepper segments are quickly stir-fried. Sprinkle a little salt~

  5. Finally, it is OK to spray soy sauce and chicken.


The total time is no more than ten minutes~ Putting white wine has always been my favorite method. It’s very fragrant~ I don’t know how to drunk.

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