Recipe: Fried gerbera leaves

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried gerbera leaves


Maybe it's too simple, and I didn't find a recipe. Just write a new one~ Chrysanthemum leaves are bitter, cold, non-toxic, into the liver and lungs; oral administration of wind and heat, cooling blood and detoxification, external use of detoxification and swelling. Folks are generally used to go to the fire, chrysanthemums also have the ingredients to soothe the nerves, so drinking before going to bed helps sleep.



  1. The leaves of the chrysanthemum are picked and soaked in water for 20 minutes, then cleaned and drained.

  2. Put the wok into the oil, add the salt in one time, heat it to 7~8 mature, put the chrysanthemum leaves drained, stir fry a few times, add the right amount of sugar, chicken essence, and then stir fry a few times, then the color of the chrysanthemum leaves becomes darker. Turn off the fire when the soup is out


1. The chrysanthemum leaves are relatively old at this time, so it is better to pick the tender core for use as a stir fry. 2, the time to stir fry in the pot should not be too long, see the chamomile color and ooze out from the soup 3, can also be made into "sweet chrysanthemum leaves", as long as the garlic is first smashed in hot oil, then stir-fry the chrysanthemum leaves to fry

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