Recipe: Fried garlic with tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried garlic with tofu


Recently, I am very fascinated by this kind of tofu. It is a bit like the taste of a family when I was a child. The preserved dish of our family is fried pork with tofu. I don’t like meat. I think the taste is very good. Tofu should be chosen between tender tofu and old tofu. The taste is better, and there is a certain degree of toughness. The tender tofu is incomprehensible, and the old tofu is too strong.



  1. The tofu is cut into small squares about 5mm thick, the green garlic is cut into sections, and the small red peppers are cut into circles.

  2. Heat the oil in the pot, gently put the tofu into the tile and fry until golden on both sides.

  3. Cook the appropriate amount of soy sauce, oyster sauce, add green garlic seedlings, add some water and cook.

  4. Put out the pot, put on the plate, and put the red pepper on it.

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