Recipe: Fried garlic with green garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried garlic with green garlic


Nutritious, good-looking, delicious!



  1. Wash the carrots and put the special bowl in the micro-furnace with water, (water is about 6 minutes), the soft and hard of the carrot can increase or decrease according to your taste;

  2. Cold and cold cut oblique slices, green garlic seedlings cut into oblique sections;

  3. Put two tablespoons of oil in the hot pot, pour in the sliced ​​carrots, stir fry the salt, add a spoonful of boiling water, and add the green garlic seedlings to continue to stir the stir-fry. Green garlic and fried carrots will be done.


Like to eat spicy, oily can put a few dried chili peppers and then add carrots and stir fry.

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