Recipe: Fried garlic with green garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried garlic with green garlic


Carrots contain a lot of carotene, which has the functions of benefiting liver and eyesight, lowering blood sugar and lowering blood fat, and enhancing immune function. Eating in autumn can effectively prevent colds.



  1. Wash the carrots, cut into slices, and put them in the tray.

  2. After cleaning the garlic, drain the water and cut into small portions.

  3. Cut the garlic into pieces

  4. Pour the peanut oil into the wok and heat it. Add the pepper and garlic slices to stir the flavor. Pay attention to the oil temperature and do not overheat, so as not to fry the pepper.

  5. Add carrot slices and stir fry, stir well with salt

  6. Pour a cup of boiling water, the amount of water just drown the carrots, cover the lid

  7. Stir fry until the carrots are soft, add green garlic seedlings and stir fry for about a minute.

  8. You can start it when you enter the plate.

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