Recipe: Fried garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried garlic


When I saw it in the afternoon, I was shocked and immediately entered the recipe for the evening. Oh, don't call it a horseshoe. For the children who grew up in the southern water town, it is the intrinsic existence of childhood, and the hourly mother always stirs it with the garlic. I am here and I will try it again.



  1. 荸荠 Wash ~ If you buy a trader in order to keep fresh, but also wrapped in a layer of mud, then you have to wash. Brush the mud off the first one, then smash the top, scrape the whole area, slice

  2. Garlic seedlings are divided into two parts: garlic leaves and garlic whites.

  3. The pot is hot and oily. After the oil is hot, it is turned into garlic and stir-fried for a while, until the white part is transparent.

  4. Into the simmer, with the fried moment, no need to grow, what is needed is its fragrance and crisp

  5. Finally, put the garlic leaf portion and fry until it is broken.

  6. 勾薄芡 Putting salt


Some people don't like the smell of garlic, and I am more and more fond of it recently. I can think of childhood every time I do it. This fried sautéed garlic, the aroma is different, I don't know how much worse than my mother's cooking.

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